PEB Warehouse Manufacturers

Primary Framing System

Primary framing consists of all the structural elements which transfer loads to the foundations. Main-frames consist of built-up welded primary framing members, including flange bracings, connection bolts and anchor bolts. The bases of the intermediate frames are generally pinned; however, certain circumstances may dictate the use of fixed constructions.


The primary framing components are sand / shot blasted to SA 2.5 and coated according to ISO 12944 - either primer or corrosion protection paint. For special applications, the primary framing components can be treated with hot-dipped galvanizing process.

Primer :

  • Water based primer: Red oxide Primer
  • Nominal dry film thickness: 20-50- microns
  • Corrosion protection: C2-high
  • Colours: Grey (approx. RAL 7036), Red (approx. RAL 8012), Blue (approx. RAL 5010)

Corrosion protection paint:

  • Water based corrosion protection paint: acrylate-copolymere combination
  • Nominal dry film thickness: 100 microns
  • Corrosion protection: C3, low
  • Colours: Grey (approx. RAL 7042), Blue (approx. RAL 5010)

Wind Bracing :

Wind bracing provides longitudinal stability for the building. It consists of cross bracing located in the roof and side walls in one or more days depending on loadings and the length of the building. When required, cross bracings can be replaced by wind portal frames or by fixed base wind columns located adjacent and connected to the main frame columns.