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Polycarbonate Sheet

RBS Polycarbonate Sheet that is suitable for many different applications. Polycarbonate sheet matches with the steel profile sheet for aesthetic appearance and green Building solution. RBS corrugated polycarbonate sheets are commonly used for greenhouse & sunroom construction, commercial roofing, Warehouses, Industrial sheds where prominent light required to save energy.

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheet:

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets is supplied in matching profile as per steel sheet and can be ordered in 500mm to 3000mm and its width depends on required profile of steel sheet. Usually Polycarbonate sheet is provided one side clear and other embossed to disperse the light and is available in Opal, bronze & clear are its standard colors. The regular thickness available with us is 1.80mm and 2.00mm however other thickness can be available on request.

If you would like a quote we will need to know the type of polycarbonate sheet that you are interested in, the thickness if applicable, color, dimensions, quantity and the delivery address.