PEB Manufacturers in Delhi
PEB Manufacturers in Delhi

PEB Manufacturers in Delhi

RBS World is the best PEB Manufacturers in Delhi. We are the leading PEB Manufacturers in the market who are making the cost effective, eco- friendly and impressively strong and quick to make type of pre -engineered building. It has become a widespread trend to use the PEB structures. These PEB Structures are used in both rural and urban areas. These structures require no welding or electricity in the construction process. These buildings are made with various fabricated parts which get assembled together at the construction site.

We are manufacturing the highly impressive, durable and strong PEB Structures as they are made with steel which is highly weather resistant. The material used is recyclable and lefts the efficient, long lasting and requires cost effective maintenance. These PEB Structures yields high returns on least investments. Our Pre- engineered buildings serve the purpose of commercial requirements like office buildings, distribution facilities, shopping malls, warehouses and other construction projects.


  • PEB structures are made with the weather resistant material.
  • These structures are fire resistant and heat resistant.
  • These PEB structures are manufactured with steel so that it remains corrosion free.
  • These are made with the advanced technologies which take lesser time.
  • These PEBs can be dismantle and relocated at other places.